Building Features

Ground Floor 
  • Grand Entrance Lobby with Lounge Area
  • Covered Drop-Off Area
  • Two (2) Passenger Elevators

• Chambermaid Services (Maintenance and Housekeeping)
• Individual Mail Boxes
• Balcony in All 2-Bedroom Units
• Common Garbage Disposal Area on Every Floors
• Upper and Lower Ground Floor Parking with Storage Room on Selected Areas
• Centralized Overhead Water tank
• Sufficient Fire Exits
• Stand-by Generator Set for Common Areas
• Centralized Cistern Tank
• Automatic Fire Alarm Sprinkler System
• Natural Air Ventilation for Common Areas
• Spacious Lobby and Corridors
• Service Stairs

Tower 1 - 10 Floors (278 Units)

Tower 2 - 8 Floors (384 Units)

Tower 3 - 12 Floors (450 Units)


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